Articles on opposing Greater Idaho and Greater Idaho developments. - ‘Lesser Idaho’ website parodies ‘Greater Idaho’ movement - The page describes itself as a “semi-serious parody” dedicated to the idea of pushing Oregon’s border east. - ‘Lesser Idaho’ parody site wants Idaho to join Oregon - In an apparent response to the Greater Idaho movement, which aims to make Eastern Oregon a part of the Gem State, someone has created a “semi-serious parody” website suggesting that part of Idaho join Oregon instead.

fox12 - ‘Greater Idaho’ movement ‘bad for the country,’ top lawmaker warns - A campaign to have rural eastern Oregon secede from the blue state and join more conservative Idaho has “virtually no chance” of becoming a reality, according to Idaho’s top state Senate Democrat. - ‘Greater Idaho’ movement plans counterprotest against ‘Say No to Idaho’ rally - Organizers with the “Greater Idaho” movement are planning a counterprotest in response to the “Say No to Idaho” rally that “Greater Idaho” opponents say will be held at the Wallowa County Courthouse on May 12. Greater Idaho movement scales back plan for Oregon annexation - Following a setback in the May 17 primary election, proponents of the plan for Idaho to annex parts of Oregon are reducing their scope to focus on just the state’s eastern half. - Political opposition to Greater Idaho grows, as the effort holds narrow election lead - Western States Strategies, the political arm of Portland nonprofit Western States Center, became involved in opposing the ballot measure in the last weeks of the campaign. - Blumenauer Says He’s Willing to Deal on Greater Idaho, if Oregon Gets Boise - Tongue firmly in cheek, the Portland congressman says the two states should talk. Greater Idaho ballot measures pass in two more Oregon counties - Leaders say they now have enough support to lobby state legislatures directly to change state lines